05 March 2018

Math Competition

Concordia’s high school math department held an internal math competition to practice problem solving - an initiative from math teacher Neil Whitehead to get students ready for what they’ll see in math at the next level.  Students who recently took the SAT found the math competition helpful.  The internal math competition focuses on creative process of thinking, and is preparing students for the Canadian Math Competition, in which they will compete later in the year, as well as for the SAT.

“On the SAT there was one problem about standard deviation, and another about sampling and I was like ‘Mr. Whitehead just taught us that’. “

-Angie, Grade 11

“I found the SAT easier than last year because we’ve been training with harder problems. If we practice enough we’re going to nail the math section. I feel I did better than last year.” -Trang, Grade 11

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