08 June 2018

Concordia welcomes new Director of Counseling Ben Compton

Concordia’s secondary school welcomes new Director of Counseling Ben Compton, further developing and enhancing our program to give our students the best university admissions opportunities and social-emotional development possible. Mr. Compton will work closely with Mrs. Christina Reed and Mrs. Linda Bloemberg in giving students and families a personalized experience as Concordia grows.

“I’m excited to join Concordia because the entire organization genuinely cares about its students and families and is dedicated to their success,” said Mr. Compton, who took time to meet with parents last week while on his own spring break.

Concordia takes a holistic, whole-child approach to student counselling, partnering early with students and parents to develop a student’s “academic personality” to attract top universities and to find the best fit for each student after Concordia.

Mr. Compton is helping expand and enhance the set of dedicated steps Concordia takes to help students in each grade level, beginning in Grade 9, achieve their academic and social goals.

In Grade 9, students meet individually with counsellors for a “Happiness Engineering Meeting” to lay the foundations for the student’s success.

In Grade 10, Concordia is looking to partner with its sister schools, Hong Kong International School and Concordia Shanghai, to organize a university tour to the US, which will help students get a sense of what they do and don’t want in a university.

In Grade 11, counselors support the transition to increased course rigor, provide preparation for how to write college application essays, and help students arrange individual university visits.

For Grade 12, Concordia is organizing a “Senior Boot Camp” next year which will include an essay writing seminar hosted by Mr. Jeff Schiffman, Director of Admissions at Tulane University in the US.

While Mr. Compton will formally join Concordia for the 2018-2019 school year, he has already been collaborating with Concordia Hanoi from his job as a university counselor at our sister school Concordia Shanghai.

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