28 December 2017

AP Biology Students Test Stoma Cells

AP Biology students are studying stoma cells, their role in photosynthesis, taking samples from leaves, putting these samples onto slides, observing under the microscope, as well as

conducting their own stoma cell experiments.  AP Biology is one of a range of Advanced Placement courses Concordia offers, and has proven immensely popular with students.

“We are doing testing to analyze how cells on the plant photosynthesize, and how light and other variables affect it,” said Anela (Grade 11). In my experiment I isolated light onto a certain plant and left it there for three days, then looked at the stoma cells - and found they were all open. I’ve learned light is a huge factor in determining how well plants can photosynthesize,” Anela added. “I’ve always been interested in biology, and I know Dr. Kilback is very good at explaining, so I really wanted to take this course. Dr. Kilback takes things slow and makes sure everyone understands it. He appreciates quality over quantity - I like that about his teaching style.” 

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