Letter from Head of School

I want to welcome you to Concordia International School Hanoi's website. As parents, selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make. There are many factors that affect the decision to attend a school such as location, facilities, teacher experience, academic performance, the culture of the school community, and the care given to each student.

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At Concordia, students, teachers, and parents are dedicated to academics, creativity, and service in a caring and engaging community of learners discovering their talents as scholars, artists, and athletes.


To be the premier international school in Vietnam and a well-connected relational community committed to learning, respect for others, and service.




We are passionately committed to building a strong, healthy community with each other, students, families, and the people of Vietnam.

Icon Star Award


We are passionately committed to achieve the greatest level of excellence in education and everything we do being highly professional, innovative, creative and effective.



We are passionately committed to providing outstanding service learning opportunities for our students and families throughout the community.


Student Focused

We are passionately committed to placing the needs of students at the forefront of our decisions.

Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

We expect Concordia students to:

Pursue Personal Excellence

  • In Academics
  • In Co-curricular activities and the Arts
  • In Creative Endeavors
  • In Thinking Critically

Become Active Global Citizens

  • Value and live service
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Respectful community members
  • Cross cultural communicators

Make Ethical Decisions

  • Value and live with integrity
  • Respect others
  • Exhibit stewardship of resources (time, talent, and treasure)



Steve Winkelman

Head of School

Our Head of School, Mr. Steven Winkelman is just finished his 20th year as a professional educator. He has served as a teacher, principal, and senior administrator at the Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary levels in both the United States and Vietnam. He has B.A. degree in Secondary Education and a M.Ed. degree in Educational Leadership. He loves the challenges of developing new schools.

Mr. Winkelman lives in Hanoi with his wife and two children who attend Concordia. He serves as Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Hanoi Board of Governors and consults with several other groups seeking to expand education in Asia.

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Kristin Kappelmann 2017

​Kristin Kappelmann

Elementary Principal

Elementary School Principal Kristin Kappelmann has 20 years in education and holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Missouri, Columbia (USA) and has completed all course work sans dissertation for her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA.

Ms. Kappelmann received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Mathematics and Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia (USA).

She has contributed to hundreds of academic conferences during the course of her career, and her wealth of experience and passion for teaching have been vital to the success of Concordia’s elementary school program.

“I enjoy the community feel of Concordia and the chance to make a difference in Vietnam,” she said of her work at Concordia.

Prior to joining Concordia in 2011, Mrs. Kappelmann taught Grades 4 and 5 at Moberly Public Schools and and Middle Grove Public School in Missouri, where she was also Curriculum Coordinator.

Mrs. Kappelmann then joined the Concordia International School Shanghai elementary school faculty, during which time she also transitioned into administration.

A talented teacher-trainer, Mrs. Kappelmann instructed local Chinese teachers in western teaching methodologies during her time at Concordia Shanghai.

Mrs. Kappelmann lives with her daughter, whom she adopted from China in 2008, and they have a lot of pets - 2 dogs, 3 birds, 1 hamster, and many fish. Her hobbies include swimming and reading.

Ian Sutherland

Dr. Ian Sutherland

Upper School Principal

Dr. Ian Sutherland has worked in international education as a teacher, principal, and director for academic affairs. He has also worked as a university professor in the United States, and as an Educational Specialist in the field of development in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. He has an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Lehigh University. Dr. Sutherland is passionate about authentic learning communities, and researches and writes about the social and cultural dynamics of learning ecologies. Dr. Sutherland enjoys playing and coaching a variety of sports, surfing, and experiencing new places and cultures.

Dr. Sutherland, along with his wife and three children, arrived in Hanoi in December 2016. 

Dr Sharon Voss

Dr. Sharon Voss

EAL Coordinator & Secondary Specialist

Dr. Sharon Voss has been teaching for 43 years and holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon (USA).

Dr. Voss has published widely in her field, including dissertations and journal articles such as

Cross-cultural Adaptability Factors of Chinese and Japanese Graduate Students in Oregon’s State Universities. Voss, S. (1999) Ann Arbor, MI: UMI;  and Northwest Sisters of Success: Strategies for Students in U.S. American Graduate Programs. The International Women’s Quarterly and (George, M., Kurogi, A, LaGuardia, A, MacIlveen, P. and Voss, S., 1987).

“I love the students at Concordia and their commitment to ongoing learning!”, Dr Voss said of her work at Concordia.

Prior to joining Concordia in July 2015, Dr. Voss taught at Concordia University Portland, Concordia University Irvine, Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong University, and Shanghai American School.

Throughout her career, Dr. Voss has presented at numerous academic conferences on such topics as “English as an Additional Language Program Features at Concordia International School Hanoi and Beyond” and “English as an Additional Language Strategies in Listening and Notetaking”.

Dr. Voss is a recipient of the J.W. Fulbright Junior Lecturer Award with Zapodoceska Universita, (The University of West Bohemia) in Pilzen, The Czech Republic.  

Dr. Voss also served with the U.S. Peace Corps in Jamaica, West Indies from 1978-80. Dr. Voss’s hobbies include reading, language study, Pilates Mat 1 Training, cooking, swimming and biking.

Tim Winterstein

Tim Winterstein

Director of Operations

Director of Operations, Tim Winterstein, has 20 years in education, starting as a teacher for ten and a half years before moving into administration roles.

Mr. Winterstein holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Ann Arbor, MI (USA) along with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Education from Valparaiso University, in Valparaiso, Indiana (USA).

“I love the community feel that Concordia has. I honestly believe we have an elite educational environment with fantastic career educators that want the best for all of our students. Working here has truly made me grow as a leader and better understand that, although our building is wonderful, it really is the people that make Concordia such an amazing place to work.”

During his career, Mr. Winterstein has presented at many academic conferences, including multiple presentations to smaller groups of teachers, administrators and school boards in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee and Illinois about what special education is and what it can look like in your school.

He was co-presenter with Rich Schumacher to Mid-South District Administrators and Midwest District Educational Executives on “What is Twitter, Facebook and Blogging and Why Do We or Don’t We Use It in/for Our School.”

Prior to joining Concordia in July 2014, Mr. Winterstein taught for ten and a half years at Trinity Lutheran in Toledo, OH, teaching Second grade, Fourth grade, and Middle School and serving as multiple Department Heads, coaching, Outdoor Education Chair, and Assistant Principal/Dean of Students.

In his nine and a half years in administration, Mr. Winterstein served for six and a half years as a National Director of Programs and Services/Director of Development at Lutheran Special Education, prior to his role as Director of Advancement and Operations at Concordia International Hanoi.

Mr. Winterstein’s hobbies include “traveling with my family and just being with them wherever we are in the world; I have fun working out by riding my bike, running and being in the weight room.

I like being together with friends enjoying a good meal and great conversation.”

Michael Gilliland

Michael Gilliland

Director of IT

IT Director Michael Gilliland has been teaching for 25 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

Mr. Gilliland also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona (USA), along with a University Certificate in Horn Performance from St. Louis Conservatory, Missouri.

“Concordia is a welcoming and family environment where all are supportive of learning.

I am happy to be back at Concordia because of its initiatives in technology in relationship to creating ethical stewards on a global basis.”

Prior to his return to Concordia in August 2017 - Mr. Gilliland taught music at Concordia from 2011 to 2014 - Mr. Gilliland has taught technology at Universal American School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Joplin Schools, Joplin, Missouri, as well as horn performance and music theory at Missouri Southern State University, in Joplin, Missouri (USA).

A regular presenter at professional academic conferences, Mr. Gilliland has presented on such topics as “Disaster Recovery in Technology after a Major Natural Disaster” at the Apple EDU Trainer Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and “Imaging: Large-scale Distribution of Computers in a Mid-Sized School District” at the Education Tech Conference, Southeast Kansas Education Center - Greenbush, in Girard, Kansas (USA).  

Mr. Gilliland’s hobbies include photography, running and cycling. Mr. Gilliland’s wife, Jennifer Zimbrick, is also a teacher at Concordia.

Jeni Nelson

Jeni Nelson


Jeni Nelson has been teaching for 24 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Education along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL (USA).

A respected international educator, Mrs. Nelson has presented at numerous professional academic conferences, including “Music and Movement in the Classroom” at Qatar Foundation’s Teaching and Learning Forum;  “Music! Music! Music!” at the Teachers Teaching Teachers workshop at Awsaj Academy, Qatar; and “Using iPads in the Elementary Classroom” at Qatar Reads, American School of Doha, Qatar.

“I love the atmosphere at Concordia.  There’s a unique camaraderie among the faculty.  The facilities are beautiful.  There is plenty of grass and ‘wildlife’ to explore and study.  Everything is new.  I appreciate the expertise represented among the faculty and of course, the students are who I like best. Parents are supportive and involved in our preschool program.  Concordia maintains a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset.  The Vietnamese staff keep us going with their professionalism, their knowledge and their contacts.”

Mrs. Nelson has also completed the requirements for her Certificate of International School Counseling, from the Counselor Training Center of Miami, FL (USA) and has attended professional development annually for 19 years.

Prior to joining Concordia in July 2016, Mrs. Nelson taught at elementary schools in Florida, Texas and South Carolina (USA), before shifting her career overseas, where she taught preschool and elementary school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Qatar, where she also served as Technology Integration Facilitator.

Ms. Nelson’s hobbies include knitting, reading and cycling.

Ly Ngo

Ly Ngo

Preschool Assistant

Ly Ngo enters her eighth year in the classroom and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kindergarten Education from The National College For Education in Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as a Montessori Method certification from The Center of Guided Montessori Studies in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (USA).

“I’ve chosen Concordia for my career because I want to challenge myself, learn from the professional educators around me in an international environment and, in so doing, improve my own knowledge and experience,” said Ms. Ngo of her work at Concordia, adding,

“I love the quote ’Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying’ and that’s why I always smile and have so much energy at work.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Ms. Ngo taught at Sunrise Kidz Montessori Kindergarten School, where she was also campus manager.  Ms. Ngo also taught at Good Morning Montessori Preschool in Hanoi.

Ms. Ngo’s hobbies include music, art and swimming.

Eden Abalos

Eden Abalos

Preschool Assistant

Eden Abalos enters her eighth year in education and holds a Master’s Degree in Education (English Major) from La Salle University in Ozamiz City, Philippines, from which she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (General Education Major).

Ms. Abalos also hold a Teaching Certificate in TESOL/TEFL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and a Certificate in Education Kinesiology from the seminar/workshop, "Brain Gym & Quantum-Touch”, given at La Salle University. Brain Gym is a California (USA)-based non-profit dedicated to promoting the concept that intentional movement facilitates better learning.

“Being a part of a school that nurtures my personal and professional development is a dream come true! Concordia embraces diversity and it is overwhelming to be surrounded by colleagues who treat you not just as a ‘co-worker’ but as a ‘family’. Concordia provides varied opportunities to equip students, faculty, and staff for excellence.”

Prior to joining Concordia in September 2017, Ms. Abalos taught for two years at Kinderworld International Kindergarten/Singapore International School in Hanoi, spent three years teaching EAL, science and social studies at Morning Star International Kindergarten in Hanoi, and three years at Br. Martin Simpson Laboratory School - La Salle University in Ozamiz City, Philippines, where she taught preschool, kindergarten, and music, as well as English literacy for grades 4-6 and science and mathematics for grade 5.

Ms. Abelos’ hobbies include cooking, singing, cross-stitching, gardening, chatting with family and friends, and riding a motorbike around Hanoi and the countryside with her husband, Jayrbe and their friends.

Katherine Sharpe 2017

Katherine Sharpe


Katherine Sharpe is entering her 12th year in teaching.  Ms. Sharpe holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida, in St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States.

Ms. Sharpe also holds a TEFL Professional Certificate and an ESOL Endorsement, along with Bachelor’s Degrees in English and Speech Communications from the University of Montevallo in Montevallo, Alabama.  In 2010, Ms. Sharpe took part in a Teacher Exchange in Nagano, Japan.

“I love working at Concordia. The best thing about teaching here are the students and families I am able to work with and the impact I have in their lives. I love to watch my students learn and experience new things.  I also love the positive and supportive work environment.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August, 2016, Ms. Sharpe taught elementary school in St. Petersburg, Florida and in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Her hobbies include walking, reading, relaxing and socializing with family and friends, going to the beach and being outside.

Jaea Conde

Jaea Conde

Reception Assistant

Jaea Conde has been teaching for five years and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, from which she also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Professional Education.

Ms. Conde also holds a TESOL certificate, along with a ‘Caring For The Child With Special Needs’ Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement, from University Of The Philippines Open University (UPOU) in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

“Working at Concordia is more than just a day-job. It is working with a family that encourages personal and professional growth. Concordia also acknowledges your strengths and weaknesses and helps its teachers and staff use their talents and skills, wherever needed and helpful. I love Concordia!”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2016, Ms. Conde taught at The Abba’s Orchard School in Manila, Philippines, as well as international schools in Hanoi.

Ms. Conde’s Hobbies include movie editing/making, reading, watching movies, travel and  scrapbooking.

Debbie Burns

Debbie Burns


Debbie Burns has nearly 40 years experience in the classroom and is a graduate of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington (USA) from which she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Burns is a passionate advocate for the benefits of play-based learning and joins us from Concordia International School Shanghai, where she has taught for the past eight years.

Mrs. Burns was also instrumental in incorporating service learning into the Concordia Shanghai curriculum, and has presented extensively on the benefits of service learning at professional academic conferences, including the Asia Society Conference in New York City, the National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., the EARCOS conference in Bangkok, Thailand, and the ALEA Conference in Hanoi.

“I am excited to be in Hanoi, learning about a new culture and teaching at Concordia Hanoi with highly talented colleagues!”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Burns has taught at international schools in Doha, Qatar, and Shenzhen and Shekou, China, as well as in her native state of Washington, USA.

Her husband, Mike also joined Concordia this year from Concordia Shanghai and they have two grown sons and four grandchildren (with a fifth on the way).

Mrs. Burns’ hobbies include travel, exploring, cooking, reading and playing with her grandchildren.

Trina Roberts

Trina Roberts

Reception Assistant

Trina Roberts enters her 10th year in the classroom and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech, with Distinction, from the University of Hawai’i, in Honolulu, HI (USA).

“I like having so many different nationalities in the classroom,” Mrs. Roberts said of her work at Concordia. “I like seeing them grow and learn with each other despite their different cultures.  It creates an exciting and fun learning environment.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2012, Mrs. Roberts served as a substitute for the Hawai’i State public school system.

Originally from Hawai’i, USA, Mrs. Roberts and her family have lived in Hanoi for nearly eight years. Her hobbies include family time - going on dates with her husband, spending time with her five children - from playing volleyball with her three younger ones to Skyping with her two oldest who attend university in the USA, travel and playing music, particularly ukulele and piano.

Rizza Wood

Rizza Wood

Grade 1

Rizza Wood has been teaching for 20 years and holds a Master of Science degree in Multidisciplinary Studies from State University of New York at Buffalo, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines.

Mrs. Wood has been with Concordia since July 2013 and has been one of the pillars of our Elementary School program.

“The support from the administration, especially from my Principal, is what I most appreciate about Concordia, along with the camaraderie amongst the teachers and the sense of community.”

Herself an ongoing learner, Mrs. Wood has continually bolstered her credentials through ongoing professional development, having most recently attended the Reading and Writing Institutes at Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City, NY (USA).

Other Professional Development Mrs. Wood has pursued include an EAL Conference: Elements of ELL Support by Virginia Rojas; Google Tech Conferences; National Conference for Differentiated Instructions; Writing Essentials for PS - G6 Classrooms by Mark Glover; Online PD by Staff Development for Educators; RTI (Response to Intervention): Reading Strategies That Work and Teaching Writing K- 3.

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Wood has taught in international schools around the world, including China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Her husband, to whom she has been married for 20 years, is an executive chef and they enjoy learning about life and other cultures through travel.

Mrs. Wood loves to read, dance and explore new places.

Ha Pham

Ha Pham

Grade 1 Assistant

Mrs. Ha Thi Pham enters her fifth year in the classroom and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Teaching English from both Hanoi Teachers’ College and Hanoi National University, Vietnam.

“Working at Concordia has been a very new experience for me, I see it is very different from other schools. The teaching methods, the approach to learning and the way the teachers speak with students is very interactive, while also very caring. The teachers are very open to working with students. The relationship between the teachers and students fosters learning and exploration, and allows teachers to reach every student individually while also teaching to the group.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Ms. Pham worked at Singapore International School, Etonhouse International Kindergarten in Keangnam, Sakura Montessori International Kindergarten and Co Nhue Secondary School, as well as running her own kindergarten.

“I also have some of my own English classes at home. I want to help children in my neighborhood with the hope of helping them to be confident in using English naturally.”

Mrs. Pham is married and has two sons.

Michelle Glover 1

Michelle Glover

Grade 1

Michelle Glover has been an educator for 33 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

A dedicated professional educator, Mrs. Glover has presented at the CEESA Teachers’ Conference in Prague on “Responsive Classrooms, Morning Meetings and Closing Circles.”

Mrs. Glover’s global career has taken her to schools in Canada; Akita, Japan; Auckland, New Zealand; Isle of Wright, UK; Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Zagreb, and Croatia, prior to joining Concordia in August 2016.

“I love teaching at Concordia because our students, teachers, parents and staff are very caring, compassionate and participate as a community. The teachers and the principal have been very helpful collaborating and supporting me in my first year at Concordia. I have really enjoyed this experience and look forward to teaching at Concordia in the years to come.”

Mrs. Glover’s hobbies include exercising, walking, singing, reading, and travel.

Jeanette Johnston 1

Jeanette Johnston

Grade 1 Assistant

Jeanette Johnston enters her 12th year of teaching and holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Southwest University, Philippines (distance learning), along with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Profession) from Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok, Thailand.

Ms. Johnston also holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Philippines Women’s College in Davao City, Philippines.

“I like teaching at Concordia because I am happy to go to work, happy all day long and happy when I go home - because the happiness of the children infects me. I am glad to be working with Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Elliott, as I feel that my opinions and suggestions are valued, and I’m inspired by their saying ‘We want to teach students things that they will remember for the rest of their lives.’ I am proud to be a part of this community whose focus is solely on what benefits students.”

Prior to joining Concordia in September 2015, Ms. Johnston taught at Baby Genius Learning Playgroups in Bangkok, Thailand; Wat Mahatat School in Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore International School Bangkok, Thailand.

Mrs. Johnston’s hobbies include boxing, painting, marathons, dancing and singing.

Angela Shih

Angela Shih

Grade 2

Ms. Shih enters her 10th year in the classroom and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific, Azusa, CA (USA), along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Studies from California State University Fullerton, San Bernardino, CA (USA).

Ms. Shih joined Concordia two years ago after seven years teaching at Lytle Creek Elementary School in the USA, where she also served as an Academic Coach mentoring new teachers in classroom management and curriculum development.

“I love the diversity of Concordia!  We teach students from all around the world who are learning to be responsible global citizens who choose to make a difference in our world!  We work with a staff who not only care about academics but also care about the physical, emotional, and social growth of the child. I love our school and I love my job!”


“Some people ask what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I always think, ‘This.’ This is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life - pouring into the lives of our kids!”

“I’m thankful for our administrators who care about us, our school, our students, and our community, and I’m grateful to our parents who entrust to us their children!”  

Outside of the classroom, Ms Shih’s Hobbies include playing the guitar, tennis, running and cooking.

Merrian Mills 1

Merrian Mills

Grade 2

Merrian Mills enters her 13th year teaching and holds a Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction with a Speciality in Educational Technology from California State University Bakersfield in California, USA.

Mrs. Mills is also currently working toward her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.), in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University.

“What I like best about teaching at Concordia are my amazing, fantastic, wonderful, brilliant and hilarious students of Grade 2B! I joined Concordia in August 2016, and I have loved every single day as a part of the Concordia family,” adding, “Mike and I are very excited that our middle-child is heading off to college after graduating as part of Concordia’s very first graduating class.”

Mrs. Mills has published in her field, including “Educational Technologies in Developing Nations: Barriers & Possibilities” through California State University Press.

“I am very excited about the research I am conducting for my doctoral project study. I am studying the need for reformation in American international schools’ elementary social studies programs, to reflect current global issues and the local culture of the communities they serve, as opposed to following a U.S.-centric curriculum. Though the process of earning a doctorate degree has been exhausting, (and I still have a few years ahead of me), I find the work to be rewarding and the effort worthwhile.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Mills has taught at the university level as Associate Faculty, College of Education at Ashford University in San Diego, CA, where she continues to contribute to the online program, and has taught at elementary and international schools both at home, in San Jose and Monterey, California, where she also has experience teaching Special Education, and abroad, in St. Lucia, Cyprus and, most recently, Cairo, Egypt.

Mrs. Mills hobbies include yoga, reading, walking her dogs, and spending time with her family.  

Faith Lubaton 1

Faith Lubaton

Grade 2 Assistant

Faith Lubaton enters her 10th year in the classroom and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Trinity University of Asia in Manila, Philippines, from which she graduated cum laude.

“For me, teaching is an incredibly rewarding career! What I like best about teaching at Concordia is that it offers unlimited possibilities to influence students, imparting to them the joy and excitement of learning, the passion of discovery and the magic of an inquisitive mind.”

“I also love working with the teachers, staff and the administration. There are so many things that I learn from my colleagues and students everyday!”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2016, Ms. Lubaton taught at international schools in Manilla, Philippines and in Hanoi.

Ms. Lubaton has a eight-year-old son in the Philippines and her hobbies include cooking, baking, painting, reading and travel.  

Michelle Beard

Michelle Beard

Grade 3

Michelle Beard has been teaching for 16 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from California State University, Long Beach in the U.S.A.                   

“I love that we are a community of learners,” said Mrs. Beard of her work at Concordia. “We all have different gifts, talents and abilities which we are investing in our students so that they will grow and impact their world.”

Mrs. Beard writes a professional educational blog called “Learning in Global Communities”, and has presented on “Strategies for Developing Literacy through Literature Circles” to the Paramount, California (USA) Unified School District.

Mrs. Beard is also a Life Coach, a Presenter for Vietnam Coaching Network, a Shine Trainer (organization for disadvantaged women) and is working on her Certificate in Education Technology and Information Literacy (COETAIL).

Mrs. Beard and her family lived in Central Asia for 10 years before moving to Vietnam in 2010, and she is fluent in Russian.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2015, Mrs. Beard taught at elementary schools in California, Kyrgyzstan and Hanoi.

Mrs. Beard’s hobbies include reading, running (marathon and half-marathons), gardening and cooking.

Anne Stuart Gunay

Anne Stuart Gunay

Grade 3

Anne Stuart Gunay enters her 15th year in the classroom and holds two Master’s Degrees in Curriculum Instruction and Reading from Concordia University St. Paul in Minnesota, USA, from which she also holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Elementary Education K-5 and Middle School Communication Arts and Literature.

Ms. Gunay has given professional conference presentations, on “Effective Vocabulary Strategies” and “Differentiation, Technology, and Literacy - Oh my!”, at the Autumn Teacher’s Symposium held in Istanbul, Turkey.

“I am anxiously anticipating a terrific year at Concordia. I am looking forward to working in an elite school and continuing to grow as an educator.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Ms. Gunay has taught at schools in Minnesota (USA); Cairo, Egypt and Izmir, Turkey.

Ms. Gunay’s hobbies include anything creative - painting, collage, photography, art, writing - as well as cooking, rock climbing, running, and travel.

Boram Lee

Boram Lee

Grade 3 Assistant

Boram Lee has been teaching for seven years and holds a Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) from Oklahoma City University, in Oklahoma, USA. Ms. Lee also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Ecology from Sookmyung Women's University, in Seoul, South Korea.

“The best part of teaching at this school is that I can have many opportunities to not only observe closely but also help my students improve their ability in a variety of areas, as individuals.”

“I was first a parent of Concordia before I began teaching.  I have two little girls who are students.  Since I have been at Hanoi, the Concordia library has infused my existence in Vietnam with life. While spending time in the library, I have been inspired by the many children's books and my passion for teaching was revived. I am so honored to be able to work at Concordia and am excited to build fabulous human relationships at the school.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mrs. Lee taught elementary school in Oklahoma City, OK (USA) and Seoul, South Korea.

Mrs. Lee’s hobbies include watching science fiction movies, Disney movies and all kinds of creative activities.

Alexis Snider 1

Alexis Snider

Grade 4

Alexis Snider has been teaching for 14 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA), from which she also received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.         

“I love working with highly motivated students and being part of a family-centered community,” said Mrs. Snider of what she likes best about teaching at Concordia.

An experienced international educator, Mrs. Snider taught at Curacao American Preparatory School, on the Caribbean island of Curacao; Qingdao International School, in Qingdao, China and ISG Jubail (International Schools Group) in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, prior to joining Concordia in August 2016.

Mrs. Snider’s hobbies include swimming, sewing and traveling.

Mrs. Snider’s husband Keith also teaches at Concordia.

Teresa Winterstein

Teresa Winterstein

Grade 4

Teresa Winterstein has spent 22 years in the classroom and holds Master’s Degrees in both Education: Curriculum & Instruction and Writing from Lourdes University in Sylvania, OH (USA) as well as a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Valparaiso University, in Valparaiso, IN (USA).  

Twice named ‘Teacher of the Year’ in the Bedford (Michigan) Public School system, Mrs. Winterstein was also a contributor to Erik Palmer’s latest book: Good Thinking: Teaching Argument, Persuasion, and Reasoning.     

“The moment I first entered Concordia, the community vibe was almost tangible. I enjoy working side by side with like-minded colleagues and students who are passionate about learning and serving. The cohesiveness and spirit for learning and connecting within Concordia, as well as globally, inspires me daily.”

During the course of her career, Mrs. Winterstein has also coached GOTR (Girls on the Run), a comprehensive emotional health and running program, as well as coached basketball, volleyball, track, and soccer and was Curriculum Designer for the Toledo Museum of Art.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2014, Mrs. Winterstein taught elementary school in the US in Michigan City, Indiana; Toledo, Ohio; and Bedford, Michigan and was a Graduate Education Professor at Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio.

An avid runner, Mrs. Winterstein has completed a multitude of marathons, her favorite and most brutally challenging being the Great Wall Marathon in China.

Her hobbies include spending time with her two children, Meleyna and Henry, traveling with her family, running distance races and running for recreation, reading, participating in Twitter book chats, painting, drawing and writing.

My Bach

My Bach

Grade 4 Assistant

Tra My Bach has been teaching for 12 years and holds a Master’s Degree in TESOL from Victoria University, in Melbourne, Australia, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology (HUFLIT), Vietnam.

“I like the atmosphere at school,” said Tra My of Concordia. “The staff are really nice and supportive and the students are respectful and eager to learn.”

Ms. Bach also participated in the Tech Conference 2017 held at Saigon South International School in HCMC.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2016, Ms. Bach taught at United Nations International School Hanoi; International School Saigon Pearl, in HCMC; Renaissance International School Saigon, in HCMC; and The Asian International School in HCMC, Vietnam.

Originally from Bien Hoa, outside Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Bach’s hobbies include cooking, sewing, traveling and sharing stories with kids.

Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Grade 5

Michael Mills has been teaching for 15 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN, USA, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in Clarion, PA (USA).

“I have worked at many schools around the world looking to find the one that best fits me as a professional and as an individual…...I’ve finally found the school that feels like home at Concordia.”

A truly global educator, Mr. Mills taught in the Baltimore City Public Schools, International School of Aruba, International School of Monterrey, International School of St. Lucia, RASG Hebrew Academy Miami Beach, American International School Egypt, and American International School Cyprus prior to joining Concordia in August 2016.

Mr. Mills’ teaching career has also come with a number of notable personal achievements, including: reaching the national championship coaching high school boys basketball team in Aruba; living through the 2nd revolution in Egypt; not missing a Steelers game in over 20 years even though he’s lived abroad; and getting married to his wife, Merrian, (also a teacher at Concordia), seven years ago in a helicopter flying over Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Mills’ hobbies include sports, travel and coaching.

Keith Snider

Keith Snider

Grade 5

Keith Snider enters his 18th year in the classroom and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Calgary in Canada.

“I love being part of a value-driven community, which celebrates diversity and places students at the center of all decision making,” Mr. Snider said of his work at Concordia.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2016, Mr. Snider taught at Qingdao International School (China) and the International Schools Group of Saudi Arabia.

A keen video-drone operator, Mr. Snider’s other hobbies include exercise, travel, and spending time with his wife (also a teacher at Concordia) and three kids.

Mr Terry Umphenour

Terry Umphenour

Middle School

Terry Umphenhour has been teaching for 34 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri, St. Louis, (USA), from which he also holds a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. Mr. Umphenhour is also certified to teach Special Education for grades K-9.

Prior to joining Concordia in Hanoi in 2015, Mr Umphehour taught and served as principal and assistant principal in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), where he was recipient of the Emerson Electric Teacher of the Year Award (1986) and the CitiBank Teacher of Distinction Award (1987) and taught at Concordia Shanghai from 2005 to 2014, for which he was named Distinguished LCMS Elementary Teacher (2015).

“Helping students reach their highest potential and building global citizens into leaders is why I teach at Concordia,” said Mr. Umphenhour of his work.

Mr. Umphenhour has published four novels, in a series aimed at young adults: “Across a Broken Sky,” which focuses on flight and dealing with tragedy; “Beyond Tears: The Point of No Return,” dealing with rainforest preservation and responsibility; “Cast Upon a Restless Sea,” dealing with the marine environment, scuba, and peer pressure and “Darkness Comes Before the Dawn,” focusing on earth science and empathy.

Mr. Umphenhour’s hobbies outside the classroom include writing, reading and shooting.

Jennifer Zimbrick

Jennifer Zimbrick

Middle School

Jennifer Zimbrick has been teaching for 25 years. Mrs. Zimbrick holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Colorado College, in Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA).

Mrs. Zimbrick also holds a postgraduate Technology Certification from SUNY Buffalo in Buffalo, New York (USA) along with a Bachelor’s Degree in German and English from Cornell College, in Ithaca, New York (USA).

Mrs. Zimbrick is a regular presenter at professional academic conferences and her recent conference presentations include “Using Geosketchpad in the Classroom,” at a teachers’ conference in Bangalore, India; “Inventors Convention” at the AISA conference in Ghana, and the CEESA conference Prague, and “Using Origami in the Classroom,” at CEESA conferences in Budapest and Prague.

“Awesome students and parents, positive environment for learning, and wonderful and supportive colleagues are what I enjoy about Concordia,” said Mrs. Zimbrick, adding, “Concordia has had a role in my life all the way back to my parents, including my aunts and uncles, as they all went to Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska (USA).”

Prior to returning to Concordia in August 2017 - Mrs. Zimbrick taught at Concordia from 2011 to 2014, after five years at Concordia International School Shanghai - Mrs. Zimbrick taught at International School of Conakry, in Conakry, Guinea; American School of Warsaw, in Warsaw, Poland; American International School of Chennai, in Chennai, India; and Universal American School, in Dubai, UAE.

Mrs. Zimbrick’s hobbies include all aspects of photography and baking. Her husband, Michael Gilliland, is Concordia’s IT Director.

Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson

Middle School

Wisconsin, USA native, Marie Robinson holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Ms. Robinson taught in the School District of Black River Falls, Wisconsin before joining Concordia at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

“I love that the kids are so creative in my drama classes and when presenting their projects. I like that the students and faculty work hard and celebrate each other’s successes.”

Ms. Robinson has attended more than 70 hours of Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop training as part of her ongoing educational training.

Her hobbies include coaching MS/HS Volleyball, dancing, piano, guitar, Concordia Faculty Choir, hiking and trekking.

Stephen Conroy

Stephen Conroy

Humanities & Secondary Assistant Principal

Mr. Stephen Conroy is entering his eighth year of teaching middle and high school.  Mr. Conroy holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Queens College, in New York, NY (USA), along with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Binghamton University, in Binghamton, NY (USA).

A dedicated professional educator and administrator, Mr. Conroy was also named Secondary Assistant Principal for Concordia for the 2017-18 school year.

“The amazing students and the opportunity to share my knowledge with young people from around the world make my work extremely rewarding,” said Mr. Conroy of his work at Concordia.

Originally from Queens, New York, Mr. Conroy taught at Louis Pasteur Middle School in New York City prior to joining Concordia in July 2014.

Mr. Conroy’s hobbies include fitness and traveling and in April 2015, he became one of the first 500 people in the world to enter Son Doong Cave, the world’s largest cave, located in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam.

Neil Whitehead

Neil Whitehead

Secondary Math & Science

High school Math and Physics teacher Neil Whitehead has been teaching for 26 years.  Mr. Whitehead holds a Master’s Degree in International Teaching from Framingham State University, in Framingham, MA (USA), along with Bachelor’s degrees in Math from University of Wisconsin - Madison, in Madison, WI (USA); Spanish, from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI, (USA), and Physics, from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT (USA).

Following his dramatic turnaround of American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico in the high school Math department, which went from very low scores to a globally-recognized program in his very first year with the school, Mr. Whitehead was invited to Washington D.C., to coach the US State Department’s Math team. This team was comprised of the top four elite Math students, selected from State Department-recognized schools around the world.  Mr. Whitehead prepared and coached the students to compete in a competition called Math Counts against the top four Math students from from each US state.

Mr. Whitehead also taught high school Math and Physics at Concordia Shanghai for 11 years, followed by Korea International School in Seoul before joining Concordia International School Hanoi in 2015.

“The people are what make Concordia. We have great students, professional colleagues and a welcoming community. We have a world class facility,” said Mr. Whitehead, adding, “We now run a successful Math club and Science club that involves about half of the high school.”

Mr. Whitehead has also helped start three high schools, has presented at several Math workshops and has given professional academic presentations in Seoul on ‘Best Practices of Use of Technology in the Classroom’ and ‘Best Practices with the TI Nspire Calculator’.

A passionate mathematician, Mr. Whitehead has also led many community service opportunities during the course of his career, and, together with his wife, Rosy, has raised money to build three libraries in the suburbs of Shanghai for underprivileged students.

A native of Wisconsin, USA, Mr. Whitehead’s career has also taken him to St. Joseph International School (Wisconsin) and Guamani Private School (Puerto Rico).

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Whitehead enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.

Dr Brent Kilback

Dr. Brent Kilback

Secondary Biology & Chemistry

High school Science teacher Dr. Brent Kilback has been an educator for 34 years.  Dr. Kilback holds a Doctorate of Law (Honorary) from Concordia University of Nebraska in Seward, Nebraska (USA) and a Master’s Degree in International Education from Framingham State University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

After a distinguished career that has taken him from teaching positions at Concordia University, Edmonton, to international schools in Guatemala and Papua New Guinea, where he served as head of school, Dr. Kilback joined Concordia in 2015 to return to his core passion of instructing in the classroom.

Dr. Kilback has published two scientific textbooks, “Body in Balance” (Clarke and Cunningham, 1990), a human physiology textbook; and “Struggle for Balance” (Clarke and Cunningham, 1996, 1st Revision 2010) a general high school biology textbook.

A dedicated scientist devoted to ongoing research, Dr. Kilback has a particular interest in microbiology and has done laboratory research in the area of cytokinesis, spindle fiber assembly and microtubule formation in eucaryotic cell.

“The good students, excellent facilities, pristine location and the fascinating country that is Vietnam, combined with the school’s wholesome ethos, make my work at Concordia very rewarding.”

Dr. Kilback’s hobbies include skiing, swimming, cycling and microbiology.

Dr Todd Nelson

Dr. Todd Nelson

HS Humanities

Dr. Todd Nelson has been in education for more than 33 years and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in philosophy, theology, and intercultural studies as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of South Florida, College of Business Administration in Tampa, Florida (USA).

Prior to joining Concordia in July 2016, Dr. Nelson served as principal trainer for the Teaching & Learning Center of KDU in Kuala Lumpur, leading a school of 500 students plus 45 faculty and staff. He helped raise the standard of instruction by using the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers to train new lecturers.

After nine months, Dr. Nelson was promoted to be a head of school, supervising the pre-university program, the American degree transfer program and the English for international students program. In three years at the School of Pre-University Studies, the school had three students accepted into Oxford and Cambridge and several other students admitted into similarly prestigious universities in the UK, US and Australia. He also developed curriculum and partnerships with universities.

“I appreciate the collegiality of the faculty and the support of the administration at Concordia. I love the high school students. On the whole, they are smart, clever, funny, hard-working and welcoming of new students. I enjoy the opportunities to learn along with the students in my classes. We get to discuss and debate topics from literature and psychology to politics. I also appreciate that, for the first time in our 34 years, I am working in the same school with my wife.”

While in Kuala Lumpur, he also founded a community service consultancy which provided services from counseling and coaching executives to rehabilitating drug/alcohol addicts, reaching out to refugees, teaching English classes and providing other NGO-type services.

His professional presentations include “Barefoot Leaders: Reimagining the Roles of Educators and Leaders in Malaysian Higher Education,” presented at Sunway College Pre-University Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 2012 and at the MARA Conference of the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia, 2012.

Dr. Nelson also served as Center Manager at Oxford Learning in Doha, Qatar; and served as part of the online faculty for M.A. in humanities program at American Public University.

Dr. Nelson loves learning, teaching and encouraging people. He enjoys sports and music and food of all kinds, plus sketching, reading, tech gadgets, traveling and good coffee with good conversation. His wife Jeni teaches Preschool at Concordia.

Mike Burns

Mike Burns

HS Humanities

Mike Burns has been teaching for 28 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Global History from American Public University in St. Charles Town, West Virginia, U.S.A., along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, (USA), and a Liberal Arts degree, from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, (USA).

Mr. Burns joins Concordia this year in Hanoi after spending eight years at Concordia International School Shanghai.

He is a College Board AP Exam Reader, Table Leader and Sample Selector; serves on the Executive Council of the World History Association (WHA) and is a member of the WHA Teaching Committee.  Mr. Burns has presented at several World History Association Annual Conferences.

Mr. Burns is also a founding member of the International Big History Association and was a Big History Project Pilot Teacher. He expands our high school curriculum this year to include both AP World History and Big History, a cutting-edge interdisciplinary course covering the Big Bang to the present.

“I am really looking forward to working at Concordia Hanoi and continuing to build an excellent high school experience for our students. I am looking forward to getting to ‘know’ Vietnam, the people, the culture, the history and the food!”

Mr. Burns is also a published education professional, having contributed to teacher resource book “Teaching World History in the Twenty-First Century: A Resource Book,” (M.E. Sharpe, 2010).

Prior to joining Concordia Shanghai, Mr. Burns taught in Shenzhen, China; Doha, Qatar and Gig Harbor, Washington, USA.

Married to Debbie since 1978, they have two children and four grandchildren, with a fifth grandchild due in October.  Debbie also joins Concordia this year teaching in one of our Reception classes.

Mr. Burns loves to bike and has toured Ireland, Thailand, and the Benelux countries in Europe, in addition to extensive biking around Shanghai, China and in Qatar.

His other hobbies include history, travel, baseball and board games.

Jeaneth Caballero

Jeaneth Caballero

ES EAL Specialist

Jeaneth Caballero enters her 14th year in the classroom and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Xavier University- Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines, along with Postgraduate Professional Teaching Certification from the University of the Philippines Open University, in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. Mrs. Caballero is also a TESOL Certified teacher.

“There are a million reasons why I love teaching at Concordia but the ones that stand out most are the strong sense of community I’ve experienced every day for five years and the way Concordia’s administrators embody professionalism in its truest sense. They treat teachers with respect and never fail to provide encouragement and share their wealth of knowledge to whoever needs it.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2012, Mrs. Caballero taught at the Global Education Development Agency, a UNESCO Satellite English School in Hanoi, and in The Abba’s Orchard School in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, as well as at international schools in Hanoi.

Mrs. Caballero’s hobbies include singing and riding around Hanoi and the countryside with her husband.

Sarah Noye

Sarah Noye

ES EAL Specialist

Sarah Noye has been teaching for 16 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics from the University of Alberta in Alberta, Canada, from which she also holds a Bachelor of Education After-Degree in Secondary English Language Arts.

An experienced international educator, Ms. Noye’s ESL teaching career includes international schools in Busan, South Korea; as well as Qatar, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Turkey.

“I’m new to Concordia this year, so I’m looking forward to meeting all the students and their families,” said Mrs. Noye on joining this August.

Ms. Noye’s hobbies include playing with her dogs - she has two cute little rescue dogs, Lulu and Gisela from South Korea - along with cooking, reading, and travel.

Pat Copple 1

Pat Copple

ES EAL Specialist

Pat Copple has been teaching for 39 years. Mrs. Copple holds a Master’s of Education Degree in Reading and Language Arts from the University of Vermont, in Burlington, VT (USA), as well as Bachelor’s of Science degrees, in Elementary Education and Rehabilitation Services, from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, USA.

Mrs. Copple was Teacher Trainer for the State of Vermont Education Department: Teaching the Gifted in Regular Classrooms and was also a Conference Presenter at the International Reading Association Annual Conference and presented a symposium entitled “Read the Real Thing: Writing and History - A Literature Approach”.

“I highly appreciate the incredibly supportive administration at Concordia, the committed and competent classroom teachers, working with my colleagues on the EAL team, the diversity among the students and their receptivity to learning and growing.”

Mrs. Copple established Early Childhood Education teacher training programs in rural northwestern Vietnam and published the “Training Guide for Multi-grade Teaching Techniques: Curriculum for Vietnamese teacher training in activity based learning” (UNICEF Vietnam 1994).

Mrs. Copple’s storied career has taken her to elementary schools in Vermont and Connecticut, USA, as well as Educational Coordinator at the Galang Refugee Camp and Hong Kong Refugee camps and teaching positions at United Nations International School Hanoi and Hanoi International School, prior to joining Concordia in August 2016.

Married for 44 years, Mrs. Copple and her husband Steve have lived in Asia for 34 years - Hanoi for 24 of those years - and have three children who grew up in Jakarta and Hanoi.

Mrs. Copple’s hobbies include reading and journal writing, playing tennis like a beginner, riding a motorbike like a pro and giving thanks daily for health and life.     

Hazel Mc Naull

Hazel McNaull

MS EAL Specialist

Hazel McNaull has been teaching for 17 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Teaching English as an Additional Language from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, along with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Geography from the University of Aberdeen, in Aberdeen Scotland and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from the University of Sheffield.  

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2011, Mrs. McNaull taught at Hanoi International School, Canadian International School Singapore and Woodville Elementary School in Ontario, Canada.

“I love teaching students from many different countries and cultures. I enjoy working with like-minded colleagues in a positive environment.”

Mrs. McNaull regularly presents to staff and parents on English Acquired Learning techniques and methodology.

Mrs. McNaull’s hobbies include reading, cooking, travel, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

Rosy Alcala

Rosalinda Alcala Whitehead


Rosy Alcala Whitehead enters her 14th year in the classroom and holds Master’s Degrees in both Education from Columbus University in Columbus, Georgia (USA) and Marketing from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo León, Mexico, from which she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

Originally from Monterrey, N.L. Mexico, Mrs. Whitehead also holds certificates in Methods of Teaching  and Spanish Language from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA); ACFTL - AP Spanish Language & Culture; ACFTL - Spanish Grammar, and was a DELE Examiner at the  Instituto Cervantes, Ministry of  Education Spain Teacher Formation.

An avid proponent of Mexican cuisine, Mrs. Whitehead has also published two cookbooks written in 3 languages - Spanish, English and Mandarin. This started as a project for her Spanish AP class and the class assisted in preparing dishes, taking photos, and translating the Spanish recipes into both English and Mandarin. Proceeds from the sale of the book went to support three libraries for children of migrant workers in Yunnan Province and to support the Will Foundation charitable endeavors in China.

In her previous schools, Mrs. Whitehead has organized a Spanish Honor Society, Spanish Club, and Cooking Club, and she brings this strong background to developing Concordia’s Spanish Department programs.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2015, Mrs. Whitehead taught at Dulwich International School Shanghai, China Europe International Business School, Concordia International School Shanghai, and Korea International School.

Mrs. Whitehead is also married to high school math and physics teacher Neil Whitehead.

Hang Nguyen

Hang Nguyen

Vietnamese Lang. & Culture Studies

Hang Nguyen has been teaching for 13 years and holds Master’s Degrees in Child Studies from Linkoping University in Linkoping, Sweden and in TESOL from Victoria University in  Melbourne, Australia.

Ms. Nguyen also holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Primary Education from Hanoi Teachers’ Training College and English from Hanoi University.

“I appreciate the great support from the administration at Concordia. I love to help students learn the Vietnamese language and experience various cultural activities, as well as understanding more about the city and country in which they are living. The students make my day whenever they come to my class and proudly share their stories of applying Vietnamese in daily life, from helping their parents to shop, to ordering food in a restaurant.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2012, Ms. Nguyen taught at Singapore International School,  United Nations International School and has worked as an exchange teacher with Rivervale Primary School in Singapore.

A citizen of the world, Ms. Nguyen is fluent in English, speaks Mandarin at an intermediate level and Portuguese at a basic level. Ms. Nguyen has visited more than 30 countries.

Ms. Nguyen’s hobbies include spending time with her family, learning new languages, playing sports and travel.

Oanh Nguyen

Oanh Nguyen

Vietnamese Lang. & Culture Assistant

Oanh Nguyen has been teaching for seven years and holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Cracow University of Economics in Cracow, Poland, along with Polish Language Certification from University Jagiellonski in Cracow, Poland.

Ms. Nguyen also holds a Professional Teaching Certificate from Hanoi National University of Education in Hanoi, Vietnam, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language from the Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam.  

“The professional and friendly working environment, experienced teachers and motivated students make me love being a part of the Concordia team.”

Always eager to share and help others learn about Vietnamese culture, Ms. Nguyen has also served as Coordinator of Vietnamese Cultural Lecture Series with cultural group Friends of Vietnam Heritage.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2013, Ms. Nguyen taught at British Vietnamese International School in Hanoi.

Ms. Nguyen’s hobbies include cooking, reading and chatting with friends over tea.

Lan To

Lan To

Vietnamese Lang. & Culture Assistant

Lan To has taught Vietnamese for 10 years and holds an Associate Degree in English Language from Hanoi College of Commerce and Tourism, along with a Professional Teaching Certificate from Hanoi National University of Education.

"I have really enjoyed working at Concordia as a new member of the Modern Language team. We work together to help the students learn the Vietnamese language and organize different learning activities for a diverse group of students. Each Concordia learner is unique in their own way of learning and developing. We always try our best to ensure the students are immersed in a passionate teaching atmosphere and receive our constant support and care."

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Ms. To ran her own homeschooling classes, teaching Vietnamese and mathematics to elementary and middle school students. Ms. To is passionate about teaching Vietnamese as a mother-tongue language.

“In my opinion, it is important for Vietnamese students to read and write well in their own language. This is a core foundation for their future learning of new languages. I believe once students are strong with their mother-tongue language, they will more likely read and write better in other languages.”

Originally from Hanoi, Ms. To’s hobbies include doing physical exercise, spending time reading books for her two children, and organizing weekend trips with her family.

Jessica Liu 1

Liu Jin Hua


Mandarin teacher Liu Jinhua (“Jessica”) has been teaching for six years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics and Trade from the University of HoHai in Nanjing, China.

Ms. Liu also holds several teaching certificates, including Advanced English from the Cambridge Institute of Singapore; Certificate of Pedagogic and Educational Psychology from the Beijing Education Bureau, China; and Teacher Qualification Certificate from the Beijing Education Bureau of China.

“I really love to work at Concordia because the great community makes everyone feel included and that helps everyone benefit from understanding experiences and cultures that may be different from their own. Teachers show more understanding and care towards others, and we feel comfortable and well supported in our work here. I also love working with students and will continue to strive to be a positive influence in their lives.”

Ms. Liu worked at Singapore International School in Saigon prior to joining Concordia in August, 2013.  

In her spare time, Ms. Liu enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and watching dramas.

Cindy Hsieh

Cindy Hseih


Mandarin teacher Cindy Hsieh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Russian Language and Literature from National Chengchi University, College of Foreign Languages, in Taiwan, along with a minor in Education.

Ms. Hsieh also holds a Certificate of Proficiency: Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

“What I like best about teaching at Concordia is good colleagues who are always helpful and willing to share their experience and advice. To me, Concordia is a big family where I feel accepted and the atmosphere of collaboration is awesome - it keeps me learning something new everyday. I also like the feeling of accomplishment when seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills.”

Prior to Joining Concordia in August 2016, Ms. Hsieh spent two years at United Nations International School of Hanoi as a “mother tongue” teacher of Mandarin.

Ms. Hsieh’s hobbies include reading, cooking, baking, and hiking.

Micah Buss

Micah Buss

Elementary PE

Elementary School PE teacher Micah Buss enters his 6th year of teaching and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University, Chicago (USA), where he also played Varsity Baseball.

“The atmosphere is amazing. Students are eager to learn, and fellow faculty members are passionate and eager to innovate,” Mr. Buss said of his work at Concordia.

Originally from Indiana, USA, Mr. Buss has been with Concordia since August 2016, prior to which he taught at elementary schools in Iowa (USA) and Hanoi.

An avid tech aficionado, Mr. Buss also took part in the Vietnam Tech Conference in 2014.

His hobbies include athletics, horology and technology and he regularly takes part in running races around Vietnam.

Sara Sokola

Sara Sokola

Athletic Director & MS/HS PE

Athletic Director Sara Sokola brings 8 years experience teaching in Physical Education and Health, Math and Science.  Ms. Sokola holds a Master’s Degree in International Education Administration from Endicott College in Beverly, MA (USA), along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and Administration from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL (USA).

Ms. Sokola was named “Teacher of the Year” at Korea International School in Jeju, South Korea in 2012-2013, and “Coach of the Year” at Shanghai Community International School in 2015-2016, prior to joining Concordia in August 2016.

“I love the opportunities at Concordia both inside and outside the classroom to inspire our community to live life to the fullest by prioritizing health and wellness in their daily lives.”

Prior to moving overseas, Ms. Sokola also taught middle school Math and Science with Teach for America in Houston, Texas. Ms. Sokola has always loved serving others.  She recently discovered great opportunities for service in Uganda and Ghana, which facilitated the development of the LEAD movement, “Love, Educate, Advocate, Develop,” to promote health and wellness in local and global communities.  Her hobbies include zumba, walking her two dogs and experiencing different cultures through travel.  

Martha Seibel

Martha Seibel

ES Music

Elementary School Music teacher Martha Seibel enters her 7th year of teaching and holds a Masters of Music Education Degree from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio (USA) along with a Bachelor’s of Music Education Degree from Concordia University Chicago, in River Forest, Illinois (USA).  

Ms. Seibel also holds “Orff Schulwerk Certification Level I and II” and has developed a music curriculum for Concordia that encourages literacy and creativity.

“I love watching students help each other to create music together,” she said of her work at Concordia.

A talented musician and arranger, Ms. Seibel brings to Concordia an acute musical ear and regularly orchestrates groups of multi-age elementary students to sing intricate three-part harmonies in school performances.

Ms. Seibel is classically trained in the French horn and performed with the St. Louis Wind Symphony as well as in various musical production pit orchestras around Missouri.

Originally from Perryville, Missouri (USA), Ms. Siebel taught at Arrowpoint Elementary in St. Louis, Missouri, prior to joining Concordia Hanoi in August 2014.

Ms. Seibel’s hobbies include running, traveling, and watching and performing musicals.

Nancy Durance

Nancy Durance

MS/HS Music

Nancy Durance enters her eighth year of teaching and holds a Master’s Degree in International Education from the University of Bath, in Bath, UK, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education (Vocal Major) from from University of Regina, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and an Associate Diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, in Toronto, Canada.

As a singer in Canada, Mrs. Durance performed with Canadian vocal ensembles Camerata Nova and Canzona.

Under Mrs. Durance’s direction, Concordia Choirs have performed at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and and the Hanoi Opera House.

“Concordia’s community is hard working, strives for excellence and we also have a lot of fun together. Our students have fantastic attitudes and are going to be difference makers in the world. It is an honor to be a part of that.”

“I began composing music when I was 10, after being encouraged to do so by my piano teacher. My very first composition won first place in the Provincial Young Composers Competition; I was awarded a large trophy and $50, which was a lot of money for a 10 year-old in 1992! Since that time I have composed/arranged more than 30 pieces, some of which have been performed by Concordia’s Chamber Ensemble Orchestra. I have four awesome kids who also attend Concordia.”

Prior to joining Concordia in January 2013, Mrs. Durance taught music at schools in Regina, Saskatchewan; and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

In addition to music, Mrs. Durance’s hobbies include anything active - cycling, swimming, running, hiking and travel.

Jill Allyn Carter

Jill Allyn Carter

P-12 Art

Jill Allyn Carter has been teaching for 25 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois (USA) from which she also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education.

“I’m excited to join Concordia. I can see the school is known for its excellent academics with healthy doses of art, along with music and physical education. I look forward to continuing Concordia’s prestigious art program.”

Ms. Carter has also given numerous professional presentations on “Art Education” at EARCOS conferences in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and Shanghai.

Prior to joining Concordia, Ms. Carter taught in her native Illinois before shifting her career overseas to international schools.  She taught in Turkey and Indonesia for the past 19 years.

Ms. Carter has also taken part in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program -JET- Omi-Sakai Villages, Nagano Prefecture, Japan to teach EAL for grades 1-9.

Originally from Annawan, IL where she still maintains a home and art studio, Ms. Carter’s hobbies include swimming, gardening, arts and crafts and working on her computer skills.

Margie De Villiers

Margie De Villiers

School Librarian

Concordia school Librarian Margie de Villiers has run and managed school libraries for 20 years.  Ms. de Villiers holds a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science/Social work from Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

During the course of her career, Ms. de Villiers has developed and created programs for six libraries - from designing the space and furniture to developing the collection.

Ms. de Villiers has also developed libraries in rural schools and in hospitals, as well as created and built a prison library and trained the inmates to run it.  

Dedicated to cultural preservation, she has run fundraising events at schools to renovate heritage sites, and recently presented on “Academic Honesty” at the Vietnam Librarian Conference.

“I love the bright and shining faces of all the students at Concordia. The colleagues are so supportive and all of us work towards a common goal of doing our best for the students each and every day. I appreciate the support and understanding of senior administration and the parents who work very hard with us to make this a great school.”

“Concordia School is a very special place, and working alongside IT expertise and teaching masters is allowing me to reach my full potential. My many years teaching internationally, in  such diverse schools, can only be a benefit to my approach to education.”

A native of South Africa, Ms. de Villiers has run school libraries in Johannesburg, Shanghai and the British Virgin Islands before joining Concordia last year to open and manage the library in our new Van Tri facility.

At Concordia, she has worked hard to add local cultural insights to the library, bolster the core curriculum through reading and complement the English offerings with reading selections from the many native languages represented at Concordia, including books in Swedish, German, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, along with many others.  

Ms. de Villiers hobbies include reading, travel, writing, cycling, designing new programs and volunteering, creative crafts and learning IT.

Ngan Trieu

Ngan Trieu

Library Assistant

Library Assistant Ms. Ngan Trieu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Banking from Hanoi University and joined Concordia in August 2017.

“I enjoy the professional and friendly working environment, the teachers, the lovely students, and the greenery of Concordia.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Ms. Trieu spent two years working as ILC Assistant at the Australian Centre for Education and Training in Hanoi, worked as an Academic Assistant at Apollo English Training Centre Hanoi, and spent three years at Singapore International School in Hanoi as ILC Assistant/ ASA coordinator .       

Ms. Trieu’s hobbies include cooking, shopping, listening to music, and traveling with her family.

Katie Sutherland

Katie Sutherland

ES Counselor

Katie Sutherland enters her 10th year in the classroom and holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with a specialization in Guidance and Counseling, from Ateneo De Manila University, in the Philippines, from which she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Mrs. Sutherland also holds an Elementary Education Teaching Certificate from George Mason University in Virginia, USA, as well as a Postgraduate Professional Teaching License in Elementary Education from the State of Virginia.

“I am so excited to be part of the Concordia community.  My husband and two boys have been fully immersed since January and my daughter and I are so happy to be able to be more intimately involved this school year.”

A gifted athlete as well as an educator, Mrs. Sutherland has represented her country on the soccer field. “I played soccer my whole life and was a member of the Philippine Women’s National Football Team. It was with great honor and pride that I represented the Philippines in the Asian Women’s Cup held in the Philippines (1999) and in Chinese-Taipei (2001) and the Southeast Asia Games held in Malaysia (2001).”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Mrs. Sutherland was with Brent International School in Manila, where she taught in the elementary school, served as the Middle School Guidance Counselor, the Varsity Girl’s Soccer Coach and the Middle School Student Council Advisor.

Mrs. Sutherland is married to Concordia Upper School Principal, Dr. Ian Sutherland. Her hobbies include travel and adventures with her family as well as playing soccer.

Linda Bloemberg 2017

Linda Bloemberg

MS/HS Counselor

Linda Bloemberg boasts 19 years in the classroom, with 15 of those years as a school counselor. Mrs. Bloemberg holds and Master’s Degree in Education from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA (USA), along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work/Psychology from Millersville University in Millersville, Pennsylvania (USA).

Mrs. Bloemberg holds professional certifications as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor; International School Counselor; Habitudes Growing Leaders Trained Facilitator and is pursuing a certificate in Restorative Practices through the Institute of Restorative Practices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA).

“I love the tangible passion that is a part of the Concordia Hanoi experience. Passion shown by educators and administrators, but also by the students,” she said of her work at Concordia.

Mrs. Bloemberg has also presented on her field of expertise at academic conferences, including on “Transition and the Third Culture Kid” at an academic conference for international educators in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Mrs. Bloemberg’s hobbies include reading and spending time with family - and this year her family celebrates 20 years in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Christina Reed

Christina Reed

University/College Counselor

Christina Reed enters her third year as University Counselor at Concordia. Mrs. Reed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Psychology from the University of California, Davis (USA), where she also worked as an Academic Advisor prior to moving to Vietnam, along with a College Counselling certificate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA.

“I love the community at Concordia. I want to see Concordia graduates at universities where they will be able to learn and grow as an individual.”

Mrs. Reed also recently participated in the EARCOS/CIS University Institute academic conference and presented about Korean University Admissions.

Mrs. Reed’s hobbies include swimming, baking, and spending time with her husband and four boys.

Trang Pham Nurse

Trang Pham

School Nurse

Bio coming soon!

Kim Stephens

Kim Stephens

Director of Admissions

Kim Stephens enters her 17th year in education administration and holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Education with an emphasis in College Administration, from Keiser University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (USA), along with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT (USA).

Mrs. Stephens previously served in several professional academic organizations, including the Western Boarding School Association, serving on the Steering Committee from 2007 until 2016, along with NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools, and the Small Boarding School Association.

“One of the many reasons I love serving at Concordia is the learning environment encourages students to engage in and find joy in their learning.  Those working directly with students in and out of the classroom are some of the best in the business.  It is a pleasure to combine efforts in a truly student-focused educational environment where all decisions are intentional and based solely on the needs of our students.”

Prior to joining Concordia in July 2016, Mrs. Stephens spent 15 years at Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, UT (USA), an independent coed college preparatory boarding school for grades 8-12, educating 330 students from 40 countries and 25 US states, where she served as Dean of Enrollment Management and Director of International Admissions helping increase the enrollment and open many new international markets.

Mrs. Stephens spent the early part of her career in the health services sector with Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, UT (USA), having spent 11 years as an Admissions Specialist developing best practices in hospital admission, emergency room, diagnostic imaging, and clinical care.

Originally from Visalia, California (USA), Mrs. Stephens and her husband Randy, who oversees the Boy Scouts of America organization in Hanoi and assists Concordia with substitute teaching opportunities, now call Hanoi their home.

Akane Yoshioka

Akane Yoshioka

Japanese Community Liaison

Bio coming soon!

Andrew Kim

Andrew (Jung Hyun) Kim

Korean Community Liaison

Andrew (Jung Hyun) is originally from Busan, Korea and first came to Vietnam in 2004 to learn the Vietnamese language and culture. During the past 6 years, he has served in the Foreign Language Department at Hanoi University as a Korean teacher to Vietnamese pupils. Through his work at the university, Andrew has enjoyed working with students and seeing them become leaders of their communities. He has a big heart for Vietnam and its people and says, “it is always wonderful to see them (his students) grow up to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.”

Andrew is married and has three lovely children- Sharon, Grace and Samuel of which the youngest two attend Concordia. He speaks Korean, English and Vietnamese.

Ms Lia Garcia

Lia Garcia Halpin

Director of Communications

Lia Garcia Halpin has been in education for twelve years and is passionate about the thriving educational community at Concordia. Lia first moved to Vietnam in 2005 to work with LCMS World Mission, teaching educational methodology at a Teachers College in Phu Tho Province. She has since taught at the School of Public Health, Bach Hoa University, Raffles Singaporean College, and pull-out teaching (IEP) at Hanoi International School. She joined the Concordia family as a founding member in November 2010 and has served in various roles including Director of Communications, Director of Admissions and in the EAL classroom.

Ms. Garcia Halpin holds a dual Masters- an MBA in Marketing from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and a Degree in Education (Math and TESOL) from Concordia University-Portland as well as a Bachelor's in Accounting from Concordia University Texas where she was an NCAA All- Academic Athlete in both Cross-Country and Softball.  

Being involved in the Hanoi community is a way of life of Lia’s and she has done this through involvement as the Vice-Chairwoman for the Australian Chamber of Commerce, newcomers coordinator for the Hanoi International Women’s Club, Concordia basketball coach and referee, chairing the Irish community festivities over St. Patrick's Day, singing in the church choir, and through the American Chamber of Commerce. Lia lives in Hanoi with her handsome Irish husband, Daragh, and son.


William Badger

Director of Community Outreach

William joined Concordia as Director of Community Outreach in October 2015.

Prior to joining Concordia, William served as Director of Project Marketing with property developer Tung Shing Group, where he oversaw sales at Golden Westlake Executive Residences and commercial leasing at Tung Shing Square; Director of Marketing of Bitexco Group, where he oversaw the Bitexco commercial and residential portfolio including Bitexco Financial Tower and the Manor as well as pre-launch activities for The ONE Ho Chi Minh City and The Manor Central Park in Hanoi; and Associate Director of Office Services with CBRE, where he worked with Lotte Center Hanoi and represented major multinationals such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Unilever.

Originally from New Jersey, William has lived in Vietnam since 1997 and speaks Vietnamese.

He also enjoys playing music, painting, writing and reading.

Lien Trang

Lien Trang

Admissions Assistant

Ms. Lien Trang holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Strategy from Plymouth University, in Plymouth, UK.

“I like the friendly faculty and staff at Concordia. They are happy to answer your questions, and willingly spend time to work with you and figure out solutions,” Ms. Trang said of her work at Concordia, adding, “I love children and I feel happy and relaxed when watching and working with them. They remind us of when we ourselves were young and this makes us ‘younger’ and more energetic.”

Prior to joining Concordia in March 2017, Ms. Trang worked as junior planner for the Coastal Resources for Sustainable Development Project, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Ms. Trang’s hobbies include travel, yoga, playing with children and also playing with pets.

Mary Jane Elliott

Mary Jane Elliott

Community Builder

One of the bedrocks of our Elementary program, Mary Jane Elliott has been teaching for 39 years and holds a Masters Degree from Michigan State University along with a Bachelor’s Degree from Marian College.

Mrs. Elliott developed the Preschool program for Concordia International School Hanoi.

An internationally-renowned specialist in applying Project-Based Learning to the field of Early Childhood Education, Mrs. Elliott has published in her field, including an Article in Young Children magazine: 1999  “Great Moments of Learning in Project Work”, and has presented at numerous academic conferences including four presentations on the Project Approach with Dr. Lilian Katz at NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Conferences in New York, Washington DC, New Orleans and Los Angeles.  

Mrs. Elliott has also presented at the OMEP conference in Hong Kong, and at the retirement conference for Dr. Lilian Katz, one of the global leaders in Early Childhood Education, at the University of Illinois.

“Since the day I arrived at Concordia, I have been ‘empowered’ to be a Preschool teacher who is entrusted to design a curriculum that is best for engaging the minds of young children.  Throughout my six years at the school I have felt supported and as a result, my dedication to creating the best teaching and learning environment for young children has continued to grow and thrive.”

“Being able to teach at Concordia with my husband has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  We share common hopes, concerns, cares and dreams for this school, its administration, teachers, families and students.  Being at this school gives us hope in the future of education.”

Over her career, Mrs. Elliott has also founded a Preschool for three-year-olds in Berlin, Germany for the Emmaus Kirchengemeinde (1968);  developed the full-day kindergarten and four-year-old programs for Hong Kong International School (HKIS); and while teaching at HKIS, did extensive teacher training on how to initiate the Project Approach in the classroom, offered to many schools including Hong Kong Academy, Hong Kong University student teachers, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Salvation Army teachers, Lee Wai Lee College students, teachers at the Victoria Kindergartens, and the Social Welfare Department teaching staff.

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2011, Mrs. Elliott taught at Kindergartens in Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany before spending the next 20 years at Hong Kong International School.

Her hobbies include flower arranging, baking decadent desserts, traveling and urban hiking.

Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen

Science Lab Technician

Science Lab Assistant Ms. Ha Nguyen Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology Education from Hanoi National University as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Hanoi University.

Ms. Nguyen also spent two years studying “Waste Management and Contaminated Site Treatment," a science Master’s course held in Hanoi between Hanoi National University of Science and University of Technology Dresden, Germany.

“I’m happy to have joined Concordia because I have the chance to work and learn in an international education environment, to improve my knowledge and experience and provide better guidelines for my children.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Ms. Nguyen spent eight years at Knowledge Link JSC, a health product distribution company, where she was responsible for Customer Service for her first two years and moved to training for the next two years, after which she was promoted to become deputy marketing manager.

Ms. Nguyen also worked for one year as an editor and consultant for students at Education Services and Investment JSC, which provides online courses for students in grades 6 to 12.

Ms. Nguyen’s hobbies include tree planting, reading, sports activities, and travel.

Ibrahim Bossan

Ibrahim Bossan

IT Database

Information Technology specialist Ibrahim Bossan joined Concordia in May, 2016 and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computing from the University of Greenwich in London, UK.

“What I like best about Concordia is the genuine community relationship among teaching staff and the students. The administration shows a lot of support toward the personal growth and development of their staff and that motivates me to always put in my best.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Mr. Bossan volunteered as an English teacher with Aiesec Hanoi, a student internship program, and taught English outside Hanoi at Eco Link language center.

Originally from Nigeria, Mr. Bossan’s hobbies include biking, modeling, and music.

Hai Quang Trinh

Hai Quang Trinh

Director of Vietnamese Relations

Director of Vietnamese Relations Mr. Hai Trinh has been with the Concordia organization for 10 years.  Mr. Hai handles external business, accounting and legal relations for the school with regards to Concordia’s registered entity in Vietnam.

“I like how students are prioritized in almost every single decision in the school,” Mr. Hai said of what he most enjoys about working at Concordia.

Mr. Hai holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (formerly Institute for International Relations).

Prior to joining Concordia, Mr. Hai was Program Assistant with LCMS World Mission, partnering with the National Institute of Nutrition to carry out nutrition/healthcare, education and community development projects in Hanoi and Phu Tho.

Mr. Hai’s hobbies include sports - tennis, soccer and running, travel and people-watching.

Mr. Hai is also married to Concordia’s Procurement Officer, Mrs. Mai Nguyen.

Linh Dam

Linh Dam


Ms. Linh Dam oversees purchasing for Concordia and holds a Bachelor’s Degree with dual majors in Hospitality Management and English from Hanoi University.

“I like the creative and cheerful people and the green surroundings at Concordia. I am like Santa Claus coming to school everyday with a big bag of stuff, enjoying the surprise and excitement of teachers and the kids whenever they receive what they’ve ordered. Those smiles make my days at Concordia meaningful.”

Prior to joining Concordia in October 2016, Ms. Dam spent three years as Purchaser cum Assistant to Director at Diops Vina Co., Ltd., an authorized distributor of Samsung Electro-Mechanics; preceded by a year as Personal Assistant to General Director at Ciputra Club - Citra Westlake City Development Co., Ltd and another as an Associate at executive search firm Navigos Group.

Ms. Dam’s hobbies include photography, home decor, travel, and drawing.

Mai Nguyen

Mai Nguyen

Billing & Accounts Receivable

Mrs. Mai Nguyen has worked in the Concordia administration since July 2011. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from The Institute of Foreign Relations, (now Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam), in Hanoi.  Mrs. Nguyen oversees our Accounting and Purchasing departments.

“Working for an international school, talking with experienced teachers and observing children playing and studying every day has helped me learn more about the western education system, applying it in bringing up my child to be a caring and independent person and a book lover.”

After graduating university, Mrs. Nguyen worked as a Research Assistant, conducting market studies on consumer protection, with CUTS Hanoi Resource Center, an Indian NGO implementing regional projects on competition policy, law, and international trade issues.

From there, prior to joining Concordia in 2011, she joined Panasonic Electronic Devices as Procurement Officer, seeking new suppliers; purchasing materials; acting as a liaison between related warehouse, sales and productions sites; and following up with customers.

Ms. Nguyen’s hobbies include gardening, interior design and reading. She is married to Concordia’s Director of Vietnamese Relations, Mr. Hai Trinh.

Amy Winkelman

Amy Winkelman


Mrs. Amy Winkelman has been with Concordia since 2011 handling accounting duties.  Mrs. Winkelman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Concordia College in Austin, Texas.

“It’s the students that I love to see and get to know.  I volunteer to read in Mrs. Jeni Nelson’s Pre-school class once a month and that brings me joy.  I love to watch the older students in their House Activities and watch students come out of their shell and do silly activities.  I enjoy all the drama productions and concerts that the school puts on.  The talent these students have is amazing and humbling to watch. I also enjoy the sports programs we have at our school, I take joy in going to the games and seeing the older kids mentor the younger ones on what it means to have integrity and honesty in the midst of a heated game.”

Originally from Maryland, Mrs. Winkelman worked in the accounting departments for schools in Michigan and Texas prior to her work at Concordia.   

Mrs. Winkelman’s hobbies include scrapbooking, yoga, reading, and hanging out with friends.

She is married to Concordia’s Head of School, Mr. Steven Winkelman.

Hanh Nguyen

Hanh Nguyen


Chief Accountant Hanh Nguyen has 18 years experience in accounting and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from the Academy of Finance Vietnam, in Hanoi.             

“The landscape and architecture of the school makes Concordia an inspiring place to come to work every day and I enjoy the positive working atmosphere with my colleagues.”

Prior to joining Concordia in April 2014, Ms. Nguyen served for four years as Chief Accountant at property developer 126 Group, three years as Chief Accountant at Song Hong Construction Joint Stock Company Number 8, and a year as Chief Accountant at Red River Petroleum Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, prior to which she served in the accounting department of Red River Construction Company.

Ms. Nguyen’s favorite hobby is travelling.

Monica Nguyen

Monica Nguyen

Assistant to Head of School

Monica Nguyen returned to Concordia in 2016 as the Head of School’s Assistant, after serving in the Admissions Department from February 2012 to August 2014.

Mrs. Nguyen holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Management with a minor in Accounting from Concordia University Chicago, in River Forest, Illinois (USA).

“I love the friendly atmosphere at Concordia and being surrounded by great educators.”

During her time away from Concordia, Mrs. Nguyen and her husband, Concordia Elementary PE teacher Micah Buss, welcomed their first child into the world. They now have two children.

Ms. Nguyen’s hobbies include gardening, reading, cooking and travel.

Huong Do

Huong Do

Assistant to Director of Operations

Ms. Huong Do has worked in the education field for seven years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.

She has served as Assistant to the Director of Operations since April 2014, helps run our campus facility and is a receptionist welcoming all Concordia’s students, parents and visitors.

“At Concordia we have very exceptional children and very independent learners. Thanks to the experienced, dedicated and caring teachers and staff, children are encouraged to rigorously learn and they find their learning fascinating. They love to read, love to explore, love PE and get to participate in many service learning activities for underprivileged children, which is the best thing I see in children.”  

Ms. Huong’s education career has included work at Maple Bear Canadian Kindergarten as a Teaching Assistant and Education Management Group as Academic Coordinator, both in Hanoi.  

Ms. Huong’s hobbies include travelling and camping, running, hiking, listening to music and watching movies.

Hau Ha 1

Hau Ha

Transportation Coordinator

Ms. Hau Ha holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Finance from the Academy of Finance in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Ms. Hau joined Concordia in November 2016 to oversee the school’s bus system.  

“I like the diversity at Concordia. Everyone is different, but no matter where you come from, what language you speak, or what ethnicity you are, everyone is accepted at Concordia. I just love Concordia - I love the people, I love the community and and I especially love the culture here.”

Prior to joining Concordia, Ms. Hau worked in the hospitality sector, serving for two years as a Guest Relations Officer (Front Desk department) at Sofitel Plaza Hanoi (now Pan Pacific Hanoi).

“I had been working in the hospitality industry for almost two years and I just felt like it was time to do something different and take on more responsibilities,” Hau added.

Ms Hau’s hobbies include playing ping pong, swimming, and grabbing a coffee with friends.

Ha Le

Ha Le

Receptionist/ Transportation Assistant

Concordia Receptionist Ms. Ha Le has been working in the education and NGO sectors for 17 years and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Hanoi University of Foreign Studies in Hanoi, Vietnam.

“I like the the friendliness and happiness I see and feel from both students and teachers at Concordia. The approach and core values of Concordia towards the students are what make Concordia an elite education.”

Prior to joining Concordia in August 2017, Ms. Le worked as a Project Officer with World Vision International Organization, and as Office Administrator with Magna Children at Risk International Organization, as well as in Hanoi International School, Kinderworld Education Group and The Brendon Primary School.  

Ms. Le has also worked in the government sector, having served for four years with The Ministry of Trade and Industry as an interpreter.

Ms. Le’s hobbies include travelling and hanging out with close friends.

Danny Sharpe

Daniel Sharpe

Director of Construction

Bio coming soon!

Thuyen Le

Thuyen Le


Bio coming soon!

Chien Nguyen

Chien Nguyen

Security & Facilities Upkeep

Mr. Chien joined the Concordia staff in the Summer of 2014 and does a wonderful job of keeping the Concordia campus at its best. Before coming to Concordia, Mr. Chien worked for Delta construction company.

In his free time, Mr. Chien enjoys spending time with his family on the weekend and especially his two daughters who are 11 years old and 9 months.


Board of Trustees

A self-perpetuating Board of Trustees from throughout Asia governs Concordia. The Board of Trustees manages the school for the LCMS, the owner and investor of Concordia Hanoi. Concordia searches for Board members who are strategic in thinking, diverse in talents, and supportive of the mission, vision, and values of the school. All Board members are appointed by the LCMS.

The primary roles of the Board of Trustees is to carry out the operations of Concordia through policy development, strategic planning, fiscal management, and the oversight and support of the Head of School and staff.

The Head of School and the school staff are assigned the task of carrying out the policies and plans of the Board of Trustees and the LCMS.

The Board of Trustees is always looking for additional members to serve both on the Board and in a variety of committees. Anyone interested in serving on the Board should contact Steven Winkelman, Head of School.


Ken Fowler

CFO, Hong Kong International School

Ken Fowler has been the Chief Financial Officer for the Hong Kong International School since early 2007. He and his wife Sandy moved to Hong Kong from Miami in early 2000, although both had lived in Hong Kong during the ‘90s as well. Ken has two adult children living in the United States and an 8-year old (3rd grade) daughter, Alina, in Hong Kong. Ken and his family worship at the Church of All Nations in Hong Kong.

Ken is originally from Kansas City, Kansas, but has also lived in Mississippi, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and Florida. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University and a BA from the University of Mississippi. He has worked with Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, SkyTel Communications, Chinadotcom and Corgi Toys.

Ken is an avid runner and also enjoys tennis, rock climbing and skiing.


Laura Birner

US Embassy in Vietnam

Laura Birner works for the U.S. Department of State and is currently the Office Manager for the Political Section at Embassy Hanoi. She previously supported the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara from 2012-2015, and also served as a Program Assistant managing a variety of Stability Operations courses at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute from 2008-2012. Additionally, she has experience in both the education and social work fields as she taught music at the Anglo-American School of Moscow and counselled students at the Twin Parks Upper School in the Bronx, New York prior to her government service. Laura earned a Bachelor of Arts in Oboe Performance from Indiana University and has performed with several orchestras throughout the Mid-West including the St. Louis Symphony. She is married to Timothy Birner who is also a State Department Foreign Service Officer. Together, they have three young daughters – Hannah, Heidi, and Holly.


J.P. Cima

Country Director, LCMS International

J.P. Cima, along with his wife, Aimee, and two girls, Celeste and Bella, have lived happily in Vietnam since 2007. J.P. is an ordained pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). He serves as the Country Director for LCMS's humanitarian NGO in Vietnam, which has provided Christian humanitarian assistance to Vietnam for the past 20 years.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, J.P. received an M.A. in theology from Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina in 2004. Immediately after, he completed a Masters of Divinity at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. Vietnam is the Cima family's first post-seminary placement, and they are delighted to call Hanoi home. Their daughters were proudly a part of the inaugural class of Concordia Hanoi.


Fred Voigtmann

Attorney-At- Law, Concordia Consulting Ltd.

Fred Voigtmann was born in the State of Iowa, USA, and graduated from Concordia College, St. Paul MN (A.A. Degree), Valparaiso University IN (B.A. Degree) and Valparaiso University School of Law (J.D. Degree). He is a retired LT Col in the U.S. Air Force, and since 1983 has been an Attorney at Law for Concordia Consulting Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan.

He is married, with three grown children and five grandchildren.


Richard Sherwood

Board Member, AEG Vietnam

Bio coming soon!

Coming Soon

Curtis Johnson


Bio coming soon



Concordia may be the newest international school to Hanoi, but we bring over 150 years of educational experience to Hanoi. Concordia is part of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the United States. The LCMS has been actively developing schools in the United States since the 1860’s and throughout Asia for the past 40 years. Concordia Hanoi is modeled after our two sister schools: Hong Kong International School, and Concordia International School – Shanghai, China.

The Hanoi school concept developed out of a number of different invitations and possibilities throughout Asia. Vietnam was selected as the primary site for the next LCMS international school since the LCMS NGO, headed by Ted Engelbrecht and his staff, have been successfully working in Vietnam for the past 13 years. There is also a great need for education generally and for international education specifically in the city of Hanoi. In addition, the people within the U.S. Embassy and the business community expressed a desire for a school like HKIS and CISS to come to Hanoi: a high-quality, values-based school that could serve the foreign and American populations as well as local students.

In the fall of 2006, the leaders of LCMS World Mission team visited Hanoi with Dr. Allan Schmidt and Dr. Greg Sawyer for an assessment and validation of the opportunities presented to the LCMS. A feasibility study was completed in November of 2007. The study looked at both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Strong evidence of need and opportunity pointed to Hanoi. In the spring of 2008, LCMS leaders came to Hanoi to meet with government officials. Some attended a reception for Vietnam and US government officials, educational leaders and corporate leaders in Hanoi held by U.S. Ambassador Michael W. Michalak. Over seventy people listened to Ambassador Michalak extol LCMS schools in the U.S. and abroad.

The writing of many documents for the application to the government of Vietnam was in the process for the next two years. Some of the documents included were a PS-12 curriculum, a feasibility plan, a charter application, a financial plan, a temporary building plan and/or permanent location plan for the proposed school. After several revisions and adjustments, the application was accepted for review by the Hanoi government and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. After numerous meetings, resubmissions, and clarifications, Concordia received approval to open by the Hanoi’s Peoples Committee.

Concordia is excited to start a new chapter in the long history of LCMS education.

Concordia's Green Scheme

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Practices

Green Practice:

At Concordia International School Hanoi, we define sustainability as the economic state where the demands placed upon the environment by commerce can be met without reducing the capacity of the environment to provide for future generations and economies.  

Concordia’s dedication to reduce our environmental footprint is exemplified by the commitment to sustainability through gold-level application in the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED.

Concordia's effort to sustainability is reflected through the design, build, and operate stages.


Careful research and planning allowed Concordia to embed sustainable features into the space before construction was ever started. Sustainable planning activities in the concept and design stages were crucial to building Concordia. Green design optimizes indoor environment, resulting in a healthy and comfortable indoor condition to guests.

Air Quality Control

  • Ventilation meet the minimum requirement of the ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, improving indoor air quality and promoting occupant comfort, well-being, and productivity. 
  • Low VOC supplemental material were used to achieve more healthy indoor environment.

Water Saving

  • Water efficiency fixtures were applied to reduce 40% of water use when compared with US EPA standard.
  • Local plant species were planted, reducing permanent watering needs. 

Maximize Open Space

  • The project has been designed to maximize vegetated open space to promote biodiversity.


Selection of Site

  • The location encourages the use of public transportation as it is surrounded by bus and subway stations, thus reducing pollution produced by private vehicles.

Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

  • Partitions and protection are implemented to obstruct pollution source spread.
  • HVAC duct and indoor environment is protected during construction stage.

Regional Materials

  • Over 10% of the building’s products and material are from within 500 miles to support the regional economy and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation.

Systems – Lighting Controllability

  • Individual lighting controls enables occupants to adjust the lighting system that meet needs and preferences.


Material and Indoor Air Quality 

  • To ensure sustainable indoor air quality, all material used to build the school is within the allowable VOC limit, such as adhesives and sealant products, painting and coating products.

Thermal Comfort

  • In order to provide a comfortable indoor thermal environment that promotes occupants’ well-being, 100% of the occupants have access to individual comfort controls for meeting individual needs and preferences.

Protection of Natural Environment

  • The project uses refrigerants and HVAC&R that minimize the emission of compounds that contribute to ozone depletion and global climate change.

Water Use Reduction

  • Water use reduction strategies are employed to reduce water use when compared to water use baseline calculation for building.

Energy Conservation

  • At least 10% improvement in the proposed building performance rating is achieved to optimize energy performance when compared with the baseline building performance rating.

Green Education

  • The school seeks to communicate our efforts and success to the public, to spread education about sustainability and green built environment.



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